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Professionals in hydraulics and technical cleanliness

For more than four decades, Gläser, a family company, has operated successfully in the field of hydraulics and technical cleanliness. With its headquarters in Horb, in Southern Germany and now led by the second generation of the family, Claudia Gläser, the company stands for innovation and progress. As a fair and reliable partner, with both standard and individual solutions, the company is regarded highly by many customers from different industrial sectors.

Our 80 employees worldwide ensure day by day that our customers can rely on us in all matters. Many years of experience and our skills allow us to offer tailored solutions meeting your requirements from a single source.

Company News:

About us:

Gläser GmbH is a Swabian family and mechanical engineering company with its headquarters in Horb, in Southern Germany, specializing in hydraulics and technical cleanliness. It all began with its formation by Fritz-Jörg Gläser in 1976. Since then, the company has been constantly changing and growing.

The story of the company began with the subject of hydraulics. Eleven years later, in 1987, this core competence was extended to dealing in hydraulic components. Based on this success, the opening of another factory in Horb was celebrated in 1997.

Since the start of the twenty-first century, the second pillar, Technical Cleanliness, has been added. Analysis and system engineering of the corresponding extraction systems have since been part of our core business. Finally, it was again time to expand. Two plants were opened simultaneously in 2010: In Germany, again in Horb, and the first branch abroad, in the USA. Only a short time later, in 2015, our subsidiary in China opened its doors.

Since then Gläser has been characterized by over 40 years of expertise. Marked by tradition and fairness, the company is now led by Claudia Gläser, the second generation of the family to do so.

Values & visions:

In our corporate guidelines, we have focused on relationships with customers, employees and suppliers, in order to guarantee their success and hence the success of our company.

What we do:

Challenges have made us strong. Usually, enquiries from a very broad spectrum of industrial sectors are very individual. However, any company that wants to persuade others it is a reliable and competent partner must learn to handle the specific requirements of its broad customer base.

The Gläser team succeeds in doing this every day. Whether hydraulics or Technical Cleanliness: With specialist skills, we find innovative and economic solutions. A manageable corporate organisation ensures rapid response times. Yet at the same time we have not lost our eye for detail.


In the whole of Germany, the Gläser CleanTec test laboratory was the first to be an accredited service provider for Technical Cleanliness. In the whole of Europe, it is one of the largest, and we are numbered among the most experienced laboratory builders in the world. All round the world, people are asking for our innovative technologies and services – and by now we are represented all round the world. Either by subsidiary companies or by strong partners.

USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, China … anywhere in the world, you can profit from the Gläser portfolio and the excellent standard of the German parent company. Providing efficiency, comprehensive know-how, intelligent solutions and trusting co-operation, akin to a partnership, in the relevant national language
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